How switching to VoIP can be beneficial?

VoIP Phone Technology has become a strong influence in the telecommunications market. Since VoIP has emerged globally as the number one replacement of the traditional telephone the manufacturers of Telecommunication have converted their product lines to meet the customer demand for VoIP enabled system.

The leading VoIP technology and carrier services provider have made a commitment to develop reliable and secure IP telephony systems, life-cycle services and communication software applications. A lot of businesses have switched to VoIP in order to ensure long term growth. The VoIP phone system can save businesses a lot of money and resources in the operating expenses. In this article we are going to discuss why businesses should switch to VoIP phone system for business.

VoIP is cost effective and feature-rich

VoIP has an overwhelming number of features. You get them at no extra cost because the system is carried over the computer network. Some of the simple features like getting an indicator when a group member is ‘present but on a call’ can help in increasing employee’s productivity. There are several other compelling features for businesses considering switching VoIP technology.

Seamless Management and Maintenance

With VoIP, business managers have efficient and direct apps to help them in everyday challenges. Unified database apps which run over the network provide real-time and seamless access to all information required for maintaining the VoIP network. Managers can easily add, remove and change anything in the VoIP phone network. Further, the VoIP network adjusts its self automatically to accommodate a user’s new location. Accounting, usage and other metrics data are available to the manager through any device which is attached to the network. With VoIP, you can manage and maintain the work seamlessly. Your employees wouldn’t need to be caught up in the issues and they can remain focused on the business deliverable.

Existing Investment Protection

If your business has a traditional phone system like PBX then you can protect your investment by adapting the old system with the new VoIP network. The PBX system generally includes several digital phone stations. These phones can be reused in the new VoIP environment. Your business can switch to VoIP while protecting the existing hardware investments.

Flexibility and Portability

VoIP allows your employees to travel to any location and work by plugging in their IP enabled laptops for making and receiving calls. They would be able to access all the rich features which they have at their office desk. VoIP network automatically recognises the user information and applies it to users’ profile. Further, the employees would be able to direct calls to any digital desktop phone at the temporary location. You would no longer need to make expensive accommodations for telephony connections and computer data for an employee visiting a location.

Reduced Costs

The most compelling argument for VoIP is its cost reduction. The argument could never be more persuasive, but it is for businesses which have a substantial volume of toll calls which are charged by the minute. VoIP significantly reduces local call charges. However, VoIP eliminates or reduces most other toll charges and also reduces the regulatory fees. In addition, if your company has substantial international calling then the same benefit accumulates except that your business can save much more on the regulatory and toll costs. There are a few best VoIP provider in the UK which offer affordable and feature rich plans.

Better Utilisation of Employees

VoIP allows the comprehension of converged network data and telephony travelling over the same network. Nowadays you don’t need two different kinds of skill sets to maintain your networks. Even though there are a few unique skills to VoIP which traditional network engineers don’t have, the underlying skills associated with the Ethernet networks and IP protocols are the same. This allows your business to maximise the training of new employees and decrease the number of employees you need in-house support the network.

Productivity Applications

Several web apps which previously ran over the internet will now run over a private VoIP based communication network. Your employees can have their favourite web page displayed on their VoIP phone or they can post specific web links on their phone-based web page. Employees can add a video telephony solution through IP video app which enables a laptop or desktop to emulate an IP office phone. The quality of audio and video which runs on the company’s network vs the internet is free from jitters and latency.

Improved Network Management

VoIP offers a foundation for complete network management. Consequently, the ability to manage each bit and byte which runs over LAN and WAN has never been more enabled. Similarly, you have several tools at hand which can find and fix the network problems quickly, so you will rarely know that anything ever happened. These tools can support local and remote network monitoring. In the dedicated networks, quality is near to perfect. With VoIP, the ability to identify symptoms and making modifications to your setup in advance of any issue is greatly enhanced.

Better Bandwidth Utilisation

Most people incorrectly assume that when you add VoIP Business computer network then there won’t be enough bandwidth left to support change. In fact, a dedicated network can transport supporting computer data. Although running both voice and data packets over the same network can increase the overall traffic, you have to see how IP based traffic operates. The IP based management system can tell you about bandwidth issues before it actually becomes a problem.


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